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Field Studies Council Centers (UK):
Blencathra Field Centre - 1997

Images of the Northern England natural landscapes (from this and other trips)
you can find at Natural Landscapes of the World section of our site.


In April 1997 Association ECOSYSTEM arranged the educational trip of a group of schoolchildren from Krasnodar region to the Blencathra Field Centre, that situated in the North England, near the famous Lake District National Park.
There were 12 school students 14-16 years old and three teachers in the group. Picture on the right shows our group with the tutors and other emloyeers of the Centre
Blencathra Field Centre staff and Russian group
Gathering before out-door lesson Blencathra Field Center - the most northern on England. It consists from a few residential and office constructions, build in the old country style. On the picture left is our group near the main building before morning out-door lesson.
Each day we had field activities, some were close to the Centre, some far away and we went there by bus.
Operated in partnership with the Lake District National Park Authority, the Centre occupies a dramatic setting on the south west side of Blencathra mountain near Keswick. Habitats include freshwater, sand dunes and rocky shores together with moorlands and a wide variety of woodlands.
One of the most interesting activities was freshwater investigation, since the nearest mountain creek was quite close to the Centre.
Out-door field ecology lesson
Freshwater invertebrates collection Hydrobiology research we learned in Blencathra was very similar to our: same methods, same equipment, same objects. Most of the children in the group have already had this experience in the Moscow Field Ecology Centre. But it was still interesting to see how our British colleagues arranged the same lessons.
Afternoon we usually spent in the far excursions, traveled all over Center's surroundings. We visited the most interesting cultural and historical sites, for example - the ancient dolmens, megalithic structures used for religious and astronomy purposes in Neolith and Bronze age (like Stonehenge). Ancient dolmens (megalithic structures) near Blencathra Field Centre
Russian and Ukrainian groups on the bold top Center's surrounding offers a magnificent panorama of the Lake District with its rich tapestry of England's highest mountains, quiet pastures, wooded valleys, streams and lakes.
One of the days we made a mountain rise to the one of the highest local tops. It was very unexpectedly to meet there a group of Ukrainian students, traveling with the backpacks over Lake District National park (left).


Images of the Northern England natural landscapes (from this and other trips)
you can find at Natural Landscapes of the World section of our site.

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