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Field Studies Council Centers (UK):
Slapton Ley Field Centre - 1996

Images of the South England and Wales natural landscapes (from this and other trips)
you can find at Natural Landscapes of the World section of our site.


In September 1996 Association Ecosystem arrange in the first time the educational trip of Russian school students and teachers to the Field Studies Council.
The group of 22 students 14-16 years old and three school teachers from Kalmikia National Republic (South Volga region) and also two Ecosystem's teachers visited Slapton Ley Field Centre, that is situated in the South-West England.
Slapton Ley Field Centre administrative building
Out-door lessons in the Slapton Ley Located on the southern tip of the Devon Riviera, the Centre is surrounded by the 200 hectare Slapton Ley National Nature Reserve. Owned by the Whitley Wildlife Trust and managed by the Centre, the Ley is the largest freshwater lake in the south west and is extensively used in the courses at Slapton. The surrounding coastline and nearby Dartmoor National Park provides unrivalled opportunities for field courses.
The National Nature Reserve comprising maritime shingle ridge, freshwater of the Ley and deciduous woodland are within easy walking distance. The spectacular coastline and granite tors of Dartmoor National Park are within easy traveling distance. These provide extensive scope for investigating contemporary issues affecting the British coastline and countryside. From rocky shores, coastal processes and management to river catchment management to tourism in rural villages. Marine ecology field activity
Kalmikian group over the sea During our 10 days staying in the Centre we investigated broadleaved forests, freshwater streams, Slapton Ley (lake) itself and rocky shore, including coastal flood zone and cliffs.
We were lucky with the weather - there were no any one rain and we even swim in the sea, in spite it was very windy...
While we were staying in the Slapton Ley Field Centre there were a local agricultural exhibition and farmer's competition. The children from our group participate in the ceremonial exhibition closing, demonstrating to the visitors their national songs, music and dances (right). Kalmikian national songs, music and dances


Images of the South England and Wales natural landscapes (from this and other trips)
you can find at Natural Landscapes of the World section of our site.

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