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Field Studies Council Centers (UK):
Juniper Hall Field Centre - 1998


In February 1998 Association ECOSYSTEM arranged second educational trip of Russian kids to Great Britain. This year we visited Juniper Hall Field Centre. In a quiet wooded valley in an unspoilt area of the chalk North Downs, Juniper Hall, leased from the National Trust, is a superb country house dating from the 17th century. It is about 1km from Box Hill and only 40km from central London. Juniper Hall Field Centre
Our group in the Kew Botanical Gardens That is why we often went to the nation's capital, visiting both cultural and environmental objects in the city.
The picture on the left shows our group in the Kew Botanical Gardens. This time our group consisted from 15-17 year old school-students from two regions of Russia: Togliatti (Middle Volga region)  and Hanti-Mansiysk (North of Western Siberia) with their teachers Eugeny Bikov and Alexander Prokofiev.
In the Field Centre each morning began from the English breakfast: oatmeal porridge, bakon, corn flakes, toasts with jam and coffee. It was a little monotonous but quite enough. Lunch we usually took with us into the field. During out-door lessons in the midday we eat sandwiches and fruits taken from the buffet in the morning. Breakfast in the Juniper Field Centre
Before the storm Set in an area of outstanding geological, geographical and biological interest, Juniper Hall Field Centre offers a wide range of high quality habitats including unimproved chalk grassland, coppiced woodlands, heathland and high quality freshwater sites nearby. For geographers there is plenty of scope for investigations into human impact on the natural environment, downstream changes in rivers as well as coastal processes.
Here is our small but friendly and warm group...
It was very pleasantly to be in a warm climate in February. This time in Russia is still very deep winter, but in South England it was warm, sunny and quiet weather.
We all remember this moment: evening, no any wind, smell of ground, rotten foliage and young grass, singing Robins and Blackbirds. Pacification...
Our group near Field Centre
Juniper Hall staff and Russian group At our last day before leaving we gathered on the main entrance of Juniper Hall building with our tutors, Center's staff and director. Last sun at the foggy Albion, and back to our northern country: again to snow, wind and slush.
See you later, Juniper Hall...

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